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On The Bike Shed, hosts Joël Quenneville and Stephanie Minn discuss development experiences and challenges at thoughtbot with Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and whatever else is drawing their attention, admiration, or ire this week.

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  • 15: Might As Well Be About Trains (Sarah Mei)

    May 19th, 2015  |  31 mins 18 secs

    Sean, Derek, and Sarah Mei talk about conference speaking, refactoring, and OO vs FP problems.

  • 14: An Acceptable Level of Hassle (David Heinemeier Hansson)

    May 12th, 2015  |  54 mins 31 secs

    This week, we're joined by DHH and discuss microservices, monoliths, shared abstractions, and the fate of Action Cable.

  • 13: Begrudging Applause (Aaron Patterson)

    May 5th, 2015  |  53 mins 27 secs

    Live from RailsConf, Aaron Patterson joins the show to talk about Rails 5, Rack 2, Contributing to Open Source, and cats. We also field audience questions.

  • 12: A Poor Man's binding.pry

    April 17th, 2015  |  31 mins 55 secs

    Derek and Sean talk about naming, debugging, and the anxiety of conference talks.

  • 11: Form-ing Opinions

    April 3rd, 2015  |  37 mins 19 secs

    Sean and Derek talk about the state of Android tooling, refactoring journeys, and an approach to rails form objects.

  • 10: I Don't Get Functional Programming

    March 20th, 2015  |  40 mins 35 secs

    Pat Brisbin joins Derek to discuss the many advantages of Haskell programming.

  • 9: Monorails, For the Kids

    March 6th, 2015  |  34 mins 37 secs

    Sean and Derek discuss Monoliths, Service Oriented Architecture, and the new Adapter Specific Type Registry in Rails 5.

  • 8: Attributes API, Relation#or, Paid Open Source

    February 20th, 2015  |  37 mins 29 secs

    Derek and Sean discuss what the Attributes API enables, the addition of Relation#or and paid open source.

  • 7: At the Car Wash

    January 30th, 2015  |  48 mins 52 secs

    Derek and Sean talk trade schools, sneaky bugs, bad method names, before_filters, and the Superbowl.

  • 6: Shh! Library Under Maintenance

    January 16th, 2015  |  42 mins 12 secs

    Sean and Derek discuss thoughtful deprecations, backwards compatibility, and other joys of library maintenance.

  • 5: Rails is Not Your Architecture

    December 31st, 2014  |  39 mins 10 secs

    Derek and Sean discuss various ways of taking the Rails out of your Ruby on Rails application, what folder to put your files in, and the difficulties and rewards of learning new programming languages.

  • 4: Put Everything on the Front End

    December 12th, 2014  |  38 mins 20 secs

    Derek and Sean discuss hunting Rails performance regressions and techniques for improving performance in your web applications.

  • 3: Flipping the Script

    November 28th, 2014  |  25 mins 37 secs

    Sean and Derek take a fresh look at the tradeoffs in writing CoffeeScript and whether we should be using an ES6 transpiler instead.

  • 2: Rails 4.2

    November 17th, 2014  |  35 mins 51 secs

    Derek and Sean discuss Sean's commit access to Rails, what's coming in Rails 4.2, and how to go about making Rails code better.

  • 1: Sandi & Derek's Rules

    October 31st, 2014  |  27 mins 48 secs

    Sean and Derek discuss lessons learned from following Sandi Metz' rules on a project and the overall impact of rules on code.